Peter Lavender

22 November 2017


      We are so proud of our very own Peter Lavender for winning One Eye Land’s Silver and Bronze awards for best wedding photography of 2017. Peter was voted 3rd best wedding photographer in all of Canada! Peter started working as a professional photographer when he first moved to Canada in 2010. Before […]

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Lina & Ara

31 October 2017


    On their very first date (a blind date at that), Lina and Ara spent over an hour searching for Ara’a car in the ginormous parking lot of Zyara Restaurant. Luckily, these two have a great sense of humor, because instead of cursing and tears this lead to uncontrollable laughter — well except for […]

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Ben & Florentine

24 October 2017


This past October the Marrone Films crew flew out to Prince Edward Island, Canada to film a promotional film for the well-known Canadian breakfast chain, Ben & Florentine.   Ben & Florentine approached us with a vision for a commercial showcasing their famous home fries. B&F’s home fries not only quickly became their signature, but […]

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Anita & Jonathan

28 September 2017


  How does a twin find their soulmate? By choosing another twin, of course! At least that’s the case when it comes to Anita Hrapkowicz and Jonathan Ruta.   Marrone Films was recommended to Anita and Jonathan by another couple we’ve worked with in the past (Melissa and Daniele Simeone). “We chose Marrone Films because […]

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Kristen & Mike

9 August 2017

IMG_2049 copy

It was a cold winter’s day in January when Kristen’s smile warmed Mike’s heart from across the room of Flyjin Supperclub. Perhaps it was the birthday drinks or maybe Kristen “just knew,” but something made her get up and daringly walk up to Mike (a complete stranger) to ask for a birthday hug that day. The […]

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