Jennifer & Philippe

23 February 2018


      Jennifer & Philippe’s first date was one that never seemed to end — but in a good way! They closed The Keg restaurant that night; both claiming to not have noticed the time pass, and continued the night at a 24hr cafe talking until sunrise.   They married on a sunny June day […]

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Vanessa & Vince

21 February 2018


  Do you believe in finding “the one”? The person that you’re destined to be with? Well, Vanessa and Vince believed, and whether by fate, true love or just plain good luck, these two quickly became inseparable,  they were meant to be together.   “We first met when we were 16 through mutual friends, but soon after went our separate ways. […]

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Elisabetta & Derek

25 January 2018


      Elisabetta and Derek are anything but predictable, and neither was their wedding day. “We wanted elegant and glamorous, while still showing our fun personalities,” said the groom; and every detail of their big day did just that! They went all-out with the planning and decor, and Marrone Films was there to capture all the […]

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Peter Lavender

22 November 2017


      We are so proud of our very own Peter Lavender for winning One Eye Land’s Silver and Bronze awards for best wedding photography of 2017. Peter was voted 3rd best wedding photographer in all of Canada! Peter started working as a professional photographer when he first moved to Canada in 2010. Before […]

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Lina & Ara

31 October 2017


    On their very first date (a blind date at that), Lina and Ara spent over an hour searching for Ara’a car in the ginormous parking lot of Zyara Restaurant. Luckily, these two have a great sense of humor, because instead of cursing and tears this lead to uncontrollable laughter — well except for […]

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