We are so proud of our very own Peter Lavender for winning One Eye Land’s Silver and Bronze awards for best wedding photography of 2017. Peter was voted 3rd best wedding photographer in all of Canada!

Peter started working as a professional photographer when he first moved to Canada in 2010. Before his move, he was a freelance cameraman and editor on various projects, including editing for ITV and Channel 4 (two of the main broadcasters in England). “My initial training was in documentary filmmaking,” said Peter. “I believe it’s this initial interest in documentary that has translated so well into my photography; as the skill of needing to make the subject feel at ease, and then capturing the moments as the subject relaxes around you and shows you their true selves is pretty much the same.”


Peter says that his favorite part of his job is getting to meet and know new people almost every week during one of the happiest days of their lives. “Being the one to capture those once in a lifetime moments and then hearing from clients how happy they are once they receive their photos is what makes it all worthwhile” said Peter.

Peter was very honored to hear of his awards:

“It’s a great feeling to have your work appreciated and recognized after many, many hours of hard work to perfect a craft, and working with Marrone means working in a team — an extremely creative team, compromised of people with all different kinds of creative training.

The team is often a great source of inspiration during photo shoots, as we collaborate and discuss ideas with one another to try and create something new and unique for each client. Even when shooting the same locations, we can usually come up with a new and creative way of looking at our surroundings, or positioning the subjects in a refreshing way.”

~ Peter Lavender


Peter, you are truly creative and professional. Your dedication to your craft is reflected in every moment you capture. Your fun-loving character sets everyone at ease.  We can’t wait to see what new exciting ideas you come up with this year. Congratulations from your Marrone family!


BMX – We were shooting by the Clock Tower at the Old Port of Montreal when all of a sudden a group of BMX riders came around performing some crazy stunts and we thought it would be pretty cool if we put the couple in the middle of the action, and this is the result. 


Mazel Tov – Some say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I say this picture is worth a thousand faces. Every time I look at this photo I see a new face that adds another layer of expression to this moment! I’m proud of this picture because I was able to anticipate this moment captured at the Shaar Hashomayim. With the right lens and the right timing, I was able to capture this from the best perspective.


Veil – Strolling along the cobblestone streets of Montreal’s Old Port our Bride’s stunning 18 ft veil took flight when a sudden gust of wind stormed through the alleyway where we were shooting.  I have a fascination with veils and the movement they can bring into a still image, so it was second nature to seize the moment and capture something so breathtaking. And it helped to have a great team to execute the shot.


Window To My Soul – We were on location for our loveshoot at Stewart Hall in Pointe-Claire. Originally we were photographing the bride and noticed our groom gazing from the window outside watching her.  I was curious to see what his perspective was, and as I stood there beside him I was able to see his Bride in a whole new light.

Peter Lavender