Erin & Assaf

29 August 2018

    Erin Budning and Assaf Baruch both took a big leap by moving to a new country for work. Erin, a Boston native, and Assaf who is originally from Israel met shortly after moving to Toronto, Canada. “I knew he was different from anyone I had ever met and had a gut feeling he was the […]

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Melissa & Shawn

10 April 2018

    If the in-love emoji was ever a real person it would be Shawn Calce on his first date with (now wife) Melissa Miceli.  “My first impression was that she was very sweet, and innocent,“ said Shawn. “I was shocked to find out that she liked horror movies, gothic stuff, and was into darker […]

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Micheline & Daniel

3 April 2018

        Micheline and Daniel met on a vacation in Bolivia. Years of long distance friendship eventually led to love and marriage…   “The blessing of having a long distance relationship is that it allows you to strip down all the “show” you put on in the beginning of a relationship. I think […]

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Jennifer & Philippe

23 February 2018

      Jennifer & Philippe’s first date was one that never seemed to end — but in a good way! They closed The Keg restaurant that night; both claiming to not have noticed the time pass, and continued the night at a 24hr cafe talking until sunrise.   They married on a sunny June day […]

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Vanessa & Vince

21 February 2018

  Do you believe in finding “the one”? The person that you’re destined to be with? Well, Vanessa and Vince believed, and whether by fate, true love or just plain good luck, these two quickly became inseparable,  they were meant to be together.   “We first met when we were 16 through mutual friends, but soon after went our separate ways. […]

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