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When Stephan Ong Tone and Celina Wu were dating, Stephan’s keen eye for detail noticed that Celina’s childhood home was filled with drawings of the Taj Mahal that Celina had drawn as a child. So when Celina went to India as part of a medical mission providing healthcare to Indian people living in the rural Himalayas, Stephan took the opportunity to go join her at the end of her mission and take her to the Taj Mahal for the first time. Stephan proposed to Celina with a backdrop of the stunning ivory-white marble mausoleum, and she of course said “yes.”


Stephan’s and Celina’s wedding on March 3, 2018 was a mix of tradition, and unique personal touches that made their special day all their own.


The day started off with the groom and groomsmen meeting outside Stephan’s dad’s house. Celina and her bridesmaids were busy getting ready inside, and preparing for the Chinese door games. In order to gain entry into the house Stephan and the groomsmenhad to appease the bridesmaids with red pocket envelopes, and then pass a series of challenges which included twerking, re-enacting a variety show dance from high school, and eating candies from a candy bra! The groom and his groomsmen were (of course) successful, and Stephan got to see his beautiful bride for the first time! The couple also paid their respects to their elders with a Chinese tea ceremony.


The location for the wedding photos was perfect for these lovebirds, as we were able to get on the grounds of where they met – McGill and the Montreal Neurological Institute. Luckily, we were also able to take some photos and video in Celina’s favorite room at the university, which also happens to be where she presented her Master’s thesis!


“We were on the fence whether we would hire a videographer for our wedding but

decided in the end that it was important to us to capture as many memories from

the day as possible. We did our research and checked out a whole bunch of

videographers but we were always so impressed with the wedding videos from

Marrone Films. We found that no other company came close to the production

quality and cinematography that Marrone Films provided. Rick and Tanya were

also great to talk to during the whole process and we

 felt really comfortable hiring them and trusted them to capture all the

great moments from our big day.”


~Celina Wu,  Bride 2018



“We really wanted a unique wedding venue; something different from the typical wedding hall, “ said Stephan. Both the ceremony and reception were held at the Theatre Paradoxe.This church turned theatre with its’ beautiful backdrop of vast ceilings, stained glass, and bar made from the old pews didn’t need much of the decorating. “We liked the white and silver colour scheme that was provided by our vendor and we added our personal touch to it. We love to travel (been to 13 countries together and counting) and we numbered each table after a place in the world that we have been to,” Stephan continued. The reception followed an intimate ceremony surrounded by all of the bride’s and groom’s closest family and friends. There were many heartfelt speeches given throughout the night, and an unforgettable moment when Celina’s mom sang for the father-daughter dance. “The night flew by but was filled with a lifetime of great memories,” said our bride.


Celina and Stephan, we wish you many more beautiful journeys in your life together as husband and wife!


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Please note that the photos in this blog article are still images captured from the video footage.

Celina & Stephan