Do you believe in finding “the one”? The person that you’re destined to be with? Well, Vanessa and Vince believed, and whether by fate, true love or just plain good luck, these two quickly became inseparable,  they were meant to be together.


“We first met when we were 16 through mutual friends, but soon after went our separate ways. 7 years later we met again through my cousin because she worked with Vince… and the rest is history! We always say that we think the universe really wanted us to be together.”


~ Vanessa Nero, Bride, 2015 ~

Yes, Vanessa, that sounds like fate to us :)





Vanessa and Vince were married at Our Lady of Pompei Church on September 5, 2015. They described their engagement as “no fuss, casual and intimate” and they wanted their wedding to have the same relaxed vibe. One of our expertise at Marrone is to get to know our brides’ and grooms’ visions and aspirations for their big day. We do our very best to blend seamlessly with the energy on the wedding day and match our filming style to that of our couple, Vanessa and Vince were fun, laid back and simply a pleasure to be around.


“Our experience working with Marrone was wonderful! Laid back and to the point. We were very satisfied on our wedding day because we didnt even feel like they were there. Very professional. Also very helpful in the months that followed.”

~Vanessa Nero, Bride, 2015

Thanks Vanessa :)


The theme was rustic-elegance with a traditional flare. The colors of the hall at Le Rizz were gold and blush; and those colors carried through to the invitations and cake. The hall had a very romantic setting with candles lit up all over and centrepieces of tall, clear vases with burlap and lace trimming, and white and blush flowers atop.


Many couples are unsure if they should choose both photos and/or video for their wedding day, but for Vince and Vanessa this was a no-brainer: “These are moments that cannot be captured in any other way and now we will be able to look back on them forever,” said Vince. 


We couldn’t agree more!


When asked what makes these two work as a couple the answer was, “We love as hard as we argue.” You gotta love these two!

Vanessa and Vince we hope the universe will eternally be in your favor and we had a blast working with you. Congratulations!












Priest | Father Mario

Church | Pompei

Reception | Le Rizz

Wedding Dress | Bella di Sera

Makeup | Laura Moneta, Beauté Hotwheels

Hairstylist | Lynda D’Elia (Queen of the World, Style by Lynda)

Caterer | Sapore di CasaDel Sole

DJ | DJ Allegria

Photographer | Marrone Films

Cinematographer | Marrone Films

Limousines | Carlo Limousine

Invitations | Signature Print Collection by Connie & Jonathan

Parting-gifts | Sirena

Florist | Fiorista Lynda

Wedding Cake | Lafrenaie


Vanessa & Vince