Drone Shot Old Port 


“We met almost fifteen years ago now. At such a young age, we could have never imagined where our journey would take us,

but we always knew that we had something special.”


~ Vanessa Tamburro, Bride


For Vanessa Tamburro and Vishaal Nagrani getting married wasn’t just a vow to love each other forever, but a celebration of victory.


At the beginning, it seemed like all the odds were against us — we were told we were too young, we were of different backgrounds, and that it would never work,” said our groom, Vishaal. Despite this and all of the other challenges life brings, the couple listened to their hearts. “We worked hard to get to where we are, and are just so grateful for each other, and happy together,” Vishaal continued.


Vanessa and Vishaal married at the historic Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel; a location that holds a very special place in the couple’s hearts. Vanessa used to work at the museum attached to the chapel, and Vishaal used to go visit her on her breaks and bring her ice cream.

We spent great moments on the rooftop of that museum, overlooking the Old Port of Montreal,” smiled our bride. “This is where we fell in love, and it’s also where Vishaal proposed.”


As soon as we found out the story behind the ceremony venue location we knew what it meant —time to bring out the drone! Drone footage of the couple on the rooftop of where they fell in love was perfect for Vanessa and Vishaal’s Marrone Minute (you can see it in the video below).


“We loved the cinematography and quality of the video production — we really were impressed. Getting along with the team is very important. They play a big part of your day and they will be very close to you throughout, it’s important you trust and get along with the team.”


~ VishaalNagrani, Groom 


Vanessa and Vishaal’s wedding was a true celebration of the joy and love they have for each other. It was a feeling of coming full circle, watching two cultures come together, honoring family and traditions, and of showing gratitude to the people who guided and supported them throughout the years.


“Vishaal and I truly had a beautiful wedding day and we were thrilled with the work of the Marrone team! They were professional, very easy to get along with, they had creative ideas and truly made the day special for us!” said Vanessa.


Vanessa and Vishaal, you made it! Congratulations on a love that stands the test of time.  



Vanessa & Vishaal